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In tough economic times the banking and finance sector is under even greater scrutiny than ever. Whilst online banking gets a great deal of attention, one of the key considerations for the sector continues to be physical security and access control ­ something which can be a challenge when the organisation has numerous branches and facilities spread across a large geographical area. TDSi, a global leader in access control systems, offers a range of solutions that cater for the numerous and demanding access control needs of the banking and finance industry, whilst respecting the need to provide full value for money and return on investment.


Central Administration

Being able to control security and access control from a central location is highly beneficial for any banking organisation. TDSi’s EXgarde PRO software is a powerful access management and integrated security systems tool which gives a centralised control of location security using an IP connection to each branch.

EXgarde PRO also brings together intruder alarms, fire systems and CCTV for suitable locations, meaning the entire building’s services can be monitored and controlled from a central location, cutting the risk of untoward actions being covertly carried out at remote locations without the security team being aware.


Flexibility is Key

Whilst centralised control is highly desirable, flexibility and integration with systems at each branch is equally important. TDSi’s range of products are designed specifically with integration firmly in mind, even offering interoperability with other third-party and legacy systems to ensure maximum return on investment and ease of installation.

A key part of ensuring systems are highly secure, reliable, cost effective and work perfectly in tandem with existing security systems, are TDSi’s range of network controllers which are designed to be highly scalable.


Scalable Solutions

TDSi’s Excel4 network controllers are able to control up to 4 readers each and feature a high capacity on-board database which can hold details on up to 24,000 users ­ ideal for large facilities. Highly cost effective, EXcel4 controllers feature on-board supervised inputs and output relays making them ideal for integration with intruder alarms, fire, lighting, heating and building management systems - offering a highly flexible way to monitor and administer the multitude of systems at the local branch.

Featuring an in-built TCP/IP port, Excel4 controllers allow direct connection to a modern IT network simplifying installation and commissioning. For facilities that cater for even higher numbers of traffic, TDSi offers the EXpert series of network controllers which have the capacity to monitor up to 48,000 cards and are ideal for large corporate establishments.


Local Intelligence to Protect Against Communications Failure

For specific access control only needs, TDSi’s entry-level MICROgarde MGII network controllers offer many of the benefits of bigger systems but without the need for a big budget. With a high degree of flexibility, MICROgarde controllers are ideal for remote locations as they offer battery-backed distributed intelligence, meaning the controller can operate and make decisions even when communications with the central system are lost. Events are stored in the controller until such a time that communications are restored and can be uploaded, with no loss of data, so the security audit trail can be maintained.


Biometric Technology ­- A Highly Secure Solution

For controlled access areas that need added security, TDSi offers a range of biometric readers including the DIGIgarde fingerprint reader and Facial Recognition Reader. TDSi’s latest Facial Recognition Reader is a highly secure, rapid and reliable non-contact method of controlling access to sensitive or restricted areas, without the need for traditional security cards or tokens. Along with making access for authorised people easier, user profiles can also be added (or removed) quickly and efficiently with no additional costs once the system is installed. Like all TDSi products, the system can easily be installed and networked to existing or planned security and surveillance systems, ensuring full compatibility and use of legacy equipment. The Facial Recognition Reader can store up to 500 users and can verify a user in less than one second. It is also highly reliable, 0.0001%, whilst maintaining stringent access control.


TDSi’s access control solutions offer banks and the financial sector greater flexibility whilst maintaining the levels of security essential to their business. Highly scalable, integrated access control allows an organisation to react to meet increasing demands and new potential locations and is simple to administer (both at a local and central level), whilst still being straightforward and rapid for installers to deploy.


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